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Dissolve and Disperse Viscous Solids and Semi-Solids in Less Than 5 Minutes.

We can custom design 10 to 1,600 gallon capacity Likwifiers to meet your specific operation.

The BREDDO Likwifier is designed to dissolve solids or semi-solids where time, temperature and complete hydration are important. Originally developed to dissolve natural gums and synthetic thickeners used in the manufacure of frozen desserts, the Likwifier dissolves and disperses virtually any food product more efficiently and completely than any other system available. The unit will put into solution, not just suspension, products that can be dissolved by agitation. The benefits of the BREDDO Likwifier include dissolving soluble products in less than 5 minutes, complete hydration, total product liquefaction, elimination of solid "burn-on" in the vat, elimination of waste at strainers and tank bottoms and the complete dispersement of insoluble particles in water or non-aqueous media.

Breddo LDT blender